I’m on Ibiza this week, visiting my daughter. So I suppose it seemed fitting that a colleague would ask me to proofread a text about real estate in Spain, written in English by… well, presumably a Spanish person but I don’t know that for sure. In addition to capitalising every single word of every heading, the writer had managed to misspell, misname and/or wrongly describe pretty much every tourist attraction they wrote about. The absolute corker came in the description of a certain building in which, according to our writer ‘mobile woodwork covers the interior’. Unable to find information about the interior in question, I decided that the best guess was ‘wood panelling’, given the other features of the building.

My daughter took me out for paella by way of comfort!

In common with most other people far enough away from the violence in Ukraine, I am torn between not wanting to think about it too much and feeling guilty for not thinking about it all the time. Among all the tributes and gestures of support and the solidarity which feels almost exhilarating, was a post by Keith Geaney about editing texts as a way of helping and a photo by Scotland Scenery of the Kelpies in Falkirk, lit in the blue and yellow Ukraine colours.

More about kelpies next time.