Prepositions may be one of the most difficult things to learn in a new language. Keeping a relationship healthy, whether working, romantic or social, is a question of give and take, rather than take it or leave it. However, if despite your best efforts things go pear-shaped, you might be forgiven for giving up and taking up with someone else. Or taking up golf. In the case of a working relationship, you may have to take over the work, or the company or you may have to give in and leave it to the other person. Your patience may give out. If they say, “Give over!”, they mean you should stop. You might have been taken in by their charms. You should probably take off!

Prepositions: love them or hate them, we can’t do without them. Our Prompt! newsletter last week challenged our subscribers to write an ode to a preposition. And as an extra bit of fun, we shared a link to which is a nice site for a few minutes of procrastination while you’re waiting for your creative juices to turn up for work.

You can invent a word, like ‘francible’ for example, and an algorithm makes up a definition. According to the algorithm, ‘francible’ is an adjective and means (of a word or phrase): not easily and concisely spoken or understood.