As a logical next step in my pursuit of literary success, I registered for the NYCMidnight 100-word microfiction challenge. Microfiction: the answer for people who don’t have time to write a book! So the competition works pretty much the same way as my sessions in the writing workshops: you’re given a ‘prompt’ and you start writing. In the case of this competition, you have only 24 hours to submit your entry and that’s taking into consideration the time difference between Eindhoven and New York! My prompt was: Genre – Historical fiction, Action – putting salt on something and Word – ounce. So I wrote this:
Lord Darnley farted loudly and continued putting salt on his breakfast kedgeree. Henrietta blushed delicately on his behalf but said nothing. There was no point. The man might be rich and have aristocratic blood, but he had not an ounce of refinement in him. There would be croquet later on the lawn with the Fotheringhams and she would no doubt be forced to smooth over many a social gaffe before lunch. She sighed daintily as she took the small flask of gin out from under her skirts and poured a generous measure into her hot chocolate.
Great fun. I’ll let you know next week how it went!