Having been obliged to type the terms rolling out, and a roll-out several times this week in a translation I was working on, I got to pondering the many uses of the word ‘roll’. Starting of course with roll-out itself which used to apply mainly to a red carpet. Rolling out the red carpet means to welcome someone or something.

There’s a bread roll, also called a bun, bap, barm cake or scuffler in different regions.

A roll in the hay (an amorous encounter – rolling probable, hay optional) and you can roll your eyes (not literally!).

Roll-up –  a cigarette you roll yourself with tobacco and rolling paper.

Roll on Christmas/Friday – when you can’t wait for it to get here.

Roll-on – a deodorant and a  girdle, a 1960s version of the corset. Interesting name since I don’t know how you could possibly roll that tight tube of unrelenting elastic over the rolls of fat that you presumably had and which you were hoping to camouflage with the roll-on otherwise why would you be trying to squeeze yourself into one in the first place? Even more mind-boggling is the image you get when you use the Dutch word for the same garment – a step-in. Maybe you just went out with it round your ankles?

You’re on a roll when something you started is successful.

I hope you’re all on a roll this week! 😊