It’s time again for one of those incredibly versatile words. Say ‘flush’ and you probably think of toilets where you ‘flush’ things away with a large quantity of water. But if you have come into a bit of money, you’ll be feeling flush. And you can also be flushed with success, or victory. Either of which might be the result of you winning a game of poker with a ‘flush’ or even a royal ‘flush’. Both are consecutive series of cards in the same suit but the royal flush consists of the ten, Jack, Queen, King and ace.

Your face might flush red with anger or embarrassment. Flushing is not as cute as blushing. And as many of you might know, a hot flush is a most uncomfortable feeling that we women are given a present of right around the time that we no longer have to suffer the monthly pain and discomfort of menstruation. Yay!

You might want a television that’s flush with the wall, so it doesn’t stick out at all, so you can watch chick flicks to distract you from your hot flushes.

Lastly, animals and criminals for example can be flushed out of their hiding places and forced to reveal themselves.


And Flushing is also the English name for Vlissingen.