This week’s work included online business training courses, a children’s book, concrete paving tiles and a tempting fusion menu – with cocktails! The other side of my work included singing workshops with five-year-olds and with ex-addicts (not at the same time!). Variety really is the spice of the life and I so enjoy all my work.

A colleague asked online if the expression ‘won by a gnat’s whisker’ (meaning it was a close race) was well-known with native UK speakers. It is. A gnat is a tiny fly that resembles a mosquito and it comes in biting and non-biting versions. They travel in swarms which makes them easier to spot. Another colleague joined the online discussion to ask whether ‘a gnat’s whisker’ was a combination of ‘cat’s whisker’ and ‘gnat’s bollock’! It could well be. Luckily, Facebook didn’t recognise ‘bollock’ as a rude word so the post wasn’t deleted. And to be honest, I think he had a point. The real discussion of course is: which is smaller? Not having consciously seen the latter, I find it difficult to judge.:-)

And while we’re on the subject (yes, we were), the one and only Boris Johnson is responsible for taking ‘bollocks’ to an entirely new level and generating a new word in the process: testiculating.

That’s gesticulating while talking bollocks!